The 29th Infantry Division (Light)'s 1998 Annual Training will culminate two years of planning for an operation that will exercise all levels, including individual and collective tasks, of the Division. Operation CHINDIT, the name of the Division Maneuver Exercise (DMX), will illustrate the Division's total capabilities as part of an Army corps or ARFOR.

The corps exercise known as BRAZEN MUSTER will simulate a Caribbean Island scenario. Task Force 98/10th US Corps will deploy with a task organization including the 29th Infantry Division (Light). The Division will mobilize and deploy from home stations to several Initial Staging Bases (ISBs). On order, the Division will deploy "into country" as the ARFOR increases its presence and combat power. Forming a portion of the corps lodgment, the 29th will prepare to conduct future combat operations. Arrival "in country" from the ISBs will be by air and sea.

Once "in country" and into the lodgment, each maneuver brigade with slice elements from the Division will move through a lane designed to offer situations that are challenging and meaningful. The lane will lend itself to the brigade Mission Essential Task List (METL) and will extend approximately 72 hours. Upon completion of combat operations, each brigade will re-deploy to facilitate sustainment training at one of several Annual Training sites.

Operation CHINDIT will demonstrate the Division's war fighting capabilities, however, the focus will be to conduct METL training to standard. Combat arms units will orient individual and collective training at the squad and platoon levels. Battle staffs at each level will incorporate the Battlefield Operating Systems into plans and operations.

The end state of Annual Training 1998 will be that each of the maneuver brigades receives opportunities to enhance their ability to function effectively at the rifle squad and platoon level. Battle staffs and the Division G-staff must be prepared to enter Training Year 99 ready to tackle the next scheduled Battle Command Training Program.