July 16, 1998

Mess Section Serves up Hot Meals for AT Soldiers

by Sgt. Dee Ortiz
29th Infantry Division Public Affairs

FORT PICKETT -- The 29th Infantry Division Mess Section averaged serving 185 soldiers per meal throughout the annual training period at Fort Pickett, Va. The section topped out with serving 215 troops in one meal.
29th Division Mess Section Personnel work hard to provide hot meals for the soldiers.
“The cooks have been doing an outstanding job,” said Sgt. First Class Daniel Ruff, division mess sergeant. “They’re real conscientious of trying to get good food out.” The four soldiers Ruff brought with him to training did the work of 11, he said, which is the section’s usual strength. Preparations for the exercise consisted of ordering the rations, although it was difficult for the section to anticipate how many soldiers they would be feeding each day, according to Ruff. Not only did the cooks feed division headquarters personnel, but they were also responsible for feeding attached personnel, visitors and VIPs. The mess section at annual training consisted of Ruff, Staff Sgt. Ronnie Wright, first cook; Sgt. Angela Walton, shift leader; Spec. Rebecca Beverly, cook and Spec. Alex Agaus, cook.