USAREUR seeks to connect veterans

of D-Day with connections to today's Soldiers

United States Army Europe is seeking information about Veterans of the D-Day assault forces with family or personal connections to today’s Soldiers.     We are especially interested in learning of Veterans who served on June 6, 1944 with assault forces of the 1st, 4th, or 29th Infantry Divisions; the 82nd or 101st Airborne Divisions, or the Rangers of D-Day with a direct personal or family connection to a man or woman who has served with one of those same U.S. Army units in the current Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

We are asking for information only from those who wish to voluntarily provide us this information.   We will personally contact the Veteran and Soldier to ensure they do not object to sharing their story with the public.

Scroll down to find a form you can return by email to  or fax to international phone number 49 62 21 57 7129.

 We deeply appreciate your help to tell the stories of the Veterans of the airborne, glider and amphibious infantry assaults of June 5 and 6, 1944 and the links between those Veterans and Soldiers serving in those storied units today.

                                                            Ken MacNevin

                                                            Chief of Plans and Operations

                                                            Office of the Chief of Public Affairs

                                                            United States Army Europe


                             TELLING THE D-DAY STORY   Information on the D-Day Veteran
                                          (please print this page to fax or copy and paste into an e-mail document)


Their name, full name if possible_______________________

 The Unit they served in on D-Day_____________________

 What was their job/assignment on D-Day________________

 How do we contact the veteran, if living?

 Mailing address



 Is it known if this veteran will attend ceremonies in France this June?

 If the person providing this information is not the veteran, what is your connection to the veteran?  And how can we reach you?

 Mailing address





May we contact you for more information or help?

 TELLING THE D-DAY STORY   Information about today’s Soldier

 Soldier’s Name, full name preferred

 Their rank if known

 Their unit

 Did they served recently in Iraq or Afghanistan? Or are they there now?


What is your connection to this Soldier?


We ask that you try to contact this Soldier or Veteran  to let them know that someone from the military may contact with them to see if they wish to voluntarily provide us more information about themselves and their recent service.  The Soldier is free to contact us directly at 

In addition, please copy your e-mail information to

Sunday May 09, 2004