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National Guard looking for members

to serve on traveling Demonstration Team

The National Guard Bureau is starting an aggressive new program to promote the Army National Guard.  We are looking for approximately 35-40 Soldiers for ADSW from April to September 2004.  They will be apart of the ARNG National Travel Event and Demonstration Team. 

Travel is a must for these soldiers as they will be going from city to city deploying a recruiting lead generation program working some of the largest events in the country. 

Positions available are two 02-03's, two E-(7), four E-(6), seven E-(5), 30 E-(4) thru E-(2).  Additionally, we require one finance NCO (E5-E7) and one supply NCO (E5-E7).  All soldiers must have completed BCT and AIT.

To be considered the applicant must submit a photo in uniform (BDU's preferred) and a bio (sample attached), a letter of recommendation from your unit leadership and endorsement from the State Recruiting and Retention Manager.

All soldiers must meet current height and weight standards and present a professional appearance in uniform.  Applications must be received no later then March 31st to the POC below via email.  Selected soldiers will be notified no later than Apr 5th and only applicants selected will be notified.  If you are selected a LOI will be forwarded to you on the mission and training time lines.  Orders will be cut by the State RRF and funding for the soldiers ADSW and travel will be provided by NGB in a by name request for the selected soldier.

These soldiers must be capable of performing the following duties after receiving appropriate training: 

  • Traveling with the ARNG NASCAR Event Show Car System to races, various youth events, and other locations
  • Providing demonstrations of ARNG individual and squad equipment and operations for large crowds
  • Trained in how to prospect for leads for local RRNCOs
  • Operating a new, large Physical Fitness Challenge at large events
  • Visiting various active duty military installations to promote the ARNG with active Army, USMC and Navy personnel
  • Trained how to take and distribute digital images called eshots
  • Following up on leads

We require good representation of MOSes, male and female soldiers, diversity in race and ethnicity,

Openings are available immediately; I would like to hire the officers and senior NCOs first to be available to coordinate the rest of the soldier's selection.  The first few weeks of the program all soldiers will receive intense training on ARNG recruiting and operation of the equipment. 

Special skills required are: 

  • Speaking in public, an ability to communicate with public in a positive manner
  • Knowledge and passion for the Army National Guard, I want the soldiers who are deeply committed to the ARNG and want to promote it to the American public
  • Professional appearance in uniform
  • Physically fit
  • Able to travel for long periods of time
  • Team focused but able to act independently for the team
  • Ability to qualify for Government Travel Card
  • The ability to get along with others under pressure after long duty hours
  • Desire to make a difference in a big way  

If the unit these soldiers belong to come up on an alert or mobilization list that will take the priority over this assignment.  If a soldier's unit is already on alert they should not apply for this program. 

These soldiers will be traveling all across the nation for many months without being able to return to their homes and must be free of personal issues that would cause a disruption to the core mission of the team. 

Once the team is selected we will provide a notification of the 400-500 events that these teams will be demonstrating at to each State.  We have four mobile event systems that will be regionally based to provide maximum support to the ARNG accessions program.  There will be an east, west and middle-America system, and one system that will be traveling with the Hoop-It-Up national tour.  These teams will be conducting one-on-one prospecting while working with the local RRF teams and will have a significant impact on ARNG accessions.  States that support this request with sharp soldiers will be considered in the scheduling of the event systems. 

Send all applicants photos and BRB's to john.metzler@ngb.army.mil for review. 



Monday March 15, 2004