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The 29th ID (L) Hometown News Program

Have you been reassigned, received an award or decoration, or been promoted recently?  Perhaps you've completed some special training, earned a degree or participated in an exercise.

If so, you are a prime candidate for the Hometown News Program which is a terrific way for family and friends to keep up with the careers of individual National Guard members.  More than 500,000 releases are mailed annually to 10,000-plus daily and weekly newspapers across the country, promoting the accomplishments of more than 150,000 military personnel.  You'll most likely see these releases in "In-the-Service" columns in newspapers, providing news briefs about local military men and women.

Now, we've heard your comments before.  "I don't have time to fill out the hometown news form."  "I'm not interested in getting my name in the paper."  "Why bother? How do I know what really happens to this form after I fill it out?"

First, try to put your personal feelings aside.  Think about how terrific it would be for your family to see their loved one's "story" in print.  Secondly, the Hometown News Release, DD Form 2266, is a snap to fill out.  Your NCOIC can help you fill it out and the Public Affairs Office can process it for you.  Third, the Hometown News process at the Army and Air Force Hometown News Center at Kelly AFB, Texas, is highly efficient.

If you send forms with events outside the norm, simply attach a fact sheet explaining the event or award.  The Hometown News Center will write a stock story specifically for that event, award or situation.  The most important part about filling out the form is legibility.  Write or type clearly please!

Have we convinced you yet that filling out and submitting an HTNR form is a quick, easy way to stay in touch with the people you care most about?  If so, read on for a list of all the different story categories.

Story categories:

Basic Training

Advanced Individual Training



Arrivals/Appointments/Assumption of Command



  • Officer Candidate School
  • Primary Leadership School
  • Basic Non Commissioned Officers Course
  • Any advanced NCO training school
  • Any advanced officer training


  • Scholarships
  • Summer Camps
  • Commissioning

Sports Competitions (interservice or international)
Exercises (attach a fact sheet or information with form)

For more information on the 29th ID (L) Hometown News Program contact SFC David Moore at  or call (609) 562-4034.

Sunday March 14, 2004