The Chief of Staff, 29th Infantry Division (Light)

Colonel Kenneth W. Smith


August 2002 IDT is a MUTA 4 scheduled for 02-04 August 2002 . Drill will start at 1900hrs on 2 Aug 02 and end at 1230hrs on 4 Aug 02. (UTA 1 Fri, MUTA 2 Sat, & UTA 1 Sun)

The Major Training Event for this IDT is: Change of Command Ceremony on Sat with section training on Sunday. Individuals on Annual Training for 2 Aug will be required to coordinate with the HHC Commander to RST out of the Friday UTA (you can not drill on the same day you are on AT).


Select individuals will be supporting the 3rd BDE’s BCBST at SMR, 14-18 Aug 02. Some will be in AT status, while others may be in ADSW. Ensure you know and understand the support requirements for your section and coordinate with the G3 section to ensure required support is provided. All of this coordination must include the HHC Commander and Readiness NCO to help ensure everyone is in the proper status and gets paid on time.


The CORPS OPORD was received during the Jul 02 IDT assembly for out upcoming WARFIGHTER in July 03. Each section must start WFX preparation NOW. Section work nights or workdays (extra weekends) must be coordinated through the G3 to ensure proper slice participation is present and soldiers are "carried" in the proper status. Our soldiers perform a great deal of work outside of IDT and AT, therefore we need to ensure they are carried in a pay status when possible. 

The monthly staff meeting is scheduled for Saturday 03 Aug 02, 1300hrs in the conference room at Division HQs. The following staff personnel are required to attend: G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, SJA, IG, SGS, Chemo, IO, PAO, HQ Cmdt, CSM. I want to meet with all SGMs in my office at 0830 hrs 04 Aug 02.

All Primary staff officers are requested to contact the Chief of Staff prior to the IDT assembly to ensure staff assignments and briefing responsibilities are understood. Primary staff officers will coordinate same with their subordinates.


Staff will be prepared to brief the following:

G1: Latest Strength Management Report from TAG-VA, NO VALs for Va units, USR issues from latest USR, status of OERs for Div HQs

G2: Status of security clearances for Div HQs

G3: Proposed force structure/reorganization changes (AVN, ADA, FA), USR issues from latest USR. Tng plan for WFX preparation

G4: USR issues from latest USR

 SGS, SJA, IG, Chemo, IO: As needed

HQ Cmdt: HHC issues

CSM: Enlisted issues, status of NCOERs and STAP Fills for HHC & DROC


Training Highlights for Aug 02 IDT assembly:

See Current Approved Tng Schedule


We are entering a very busy time for this Division. A large number of mobilizations of divisional units and preparation for the upcoming WFX are taking a great deal of time and effort of many members of this staff. I do not want to lose focus on all the other important tasks for the Division, i.e. unit readiness, strength management, and individual training. Events, which are well planned, resourced, and rehearsed, are far more profiencent than "last minute good ideas".